:: Alpha Olefin Sulfonates ::
Anionic surfactant is the widely used type of surface active agent for
laundry detergents, liquid cleaners and shampoos due to excellent
cleaning properties particularly effective at oily soil cleaning and
oil/clay soil suspension. Anionic surfactants are deactivated in many
hard water. To prevent deactivation, builders should be dosed.
Anionic surfactant is used as a emulsifier in cosmetics, tooth paste,
cream, shampoo, and acrylic binder. Common soap is an anionic
benzene sulfonate, fatty acid salts, sodium lauryl sulfate, alkyl sulfate
salts, sodium lauryl ether sulfate, alpha-olefin sulfonates, phosphate
Sodium Alpha Olefin Sulfonate is used as a foaming agent combining
cleaning activity for liquid soaps, washing compounds and liquid
detergents. It provides acid resistance and biodegrability. It is used in
emulsion polymerization.
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